Summer solstice spread

Last night I discovered a great blog by Sydneysider Two Sides Tarot. I’ve only read a couple of posts, but I am already smitten. I love the Australian angle and it so refreshing to have some seasonally appropriate content.

My twitter feed is full of pre-winter solstice musings and I just can’t relate. I’ve only been living in Australia for a year and a half, but I love the summer holidays meets Christmas holidays feeling. Which means it is impossible to get any work done, staring at the window, imagining Christmas presents and frolicking in the bush.

Today is hot and sunny in Melbourne (30 degrees) so I’ve resorted to Two Sides Tarot’s pre-summer solstice spread. I am using my new Celestial Tarot, designed by fellow Melbournian Kay Steventon. The deck is very spiritual and not exactly geared towards practical and active matters, but I will give it a go. It is. As you will see, the result turned out most entertaining.

2015-12-15 21.29.04

Card 1: Context. What part of my life would most benefit from receiving the outwardly directed energy of this season? 8 of Cups – Cepheus

In greek myth, Cepheus was instructed to sacrifice his daughter to the gods. This card asks: “What must be sacrificed to restore a harmonious relationship of spirit?”. The 8 of cups represents a journey of the heart, most often triggered by a relationship. I also see it as leaving a situation where cups are still standing, where there is still some emotional fullfillment, but not enough. In the last few months my life has been turned upside down – break up, fights, breaking my arm, and struggling with workload. The 8 of cups has been my companion through this debacle. The card pushes me to continue on this journey, and express it outwardly – I’ve worked enough on the emotional re-building, now is the time to put things into action.

Card 2: Action. What steps can I take in order to best put this energy to use in that part of my life? 4 of Swords – Pisces Australis

This is amusing – my action should be resting. The Southern (Australian) fish drinks the highly charged water from the urn. It is time to digest what has past, assimilate the threads left hanging from stressful times. However, with the Christmas holidays coming up, I believe this rest is more mental than physical. I should take a break from work, responsibilities, negativity, and focus on restoring my emotional and physical well-being. The card encourages me to rest actively – playing sports, practising yoga, going to the beach, and socializing.

Card 3: Self-Care. How can I regulate and replenish my energy stores during this intense period, so that I can stay happily in the flow of this season? 7 of Pentacles – Coma

This card made me laugh! Taken litterally, the card encourages me to assess my financial and professional situation. Reap the rewards of my work and plan for the future. Blah Blah.

From a mythological angle, the card depicts Bernice, the wife of Ptolemy III who sacrificed her beautiful hair to Aphrodite in order for her husband to return safely from battle. To commemorate this act, Bernice’s hair was placed in the heavens as the constellation of Coma. According to the LWB, “hair is a vital aspect of one’s persona symbolizing both virtue and spiritual adornment”. Funny thing, I got my hair cut on Monday, and very short! With the heat and dry air, I just could not bear the knots and needed a brand new look to suit my happy new self. Intersting that Tarot would comment on this, but it made me think more profoundly about self care. I love getting my hair cut and changing looks on a whim. This is a sign that my fiery, impulsive self is back. Taking care of one’s appearance is an important aspect of self care, a moment of indulgence and communion with the self. I might add more self-care plans to my holidays: doing my nails, dressing nicely, and working on my tan.

I really enjoyed doing this spread and discovered a cheeky, pragmatic side to my Celestial Tarot. I’ve already created a list of my favourite activities to do over the holidays (a massive reading list, op-shopping, creative writing, and exercising). The spread is encouraging me to take it easy, take care of myself, and move on to new adventures!

Take care,




One thought on “Summer solstice spread

  1. Marianne says:

    Hi Lucie, thanks for giving my spread a go! I really loved hearing what you came up with. The Celestial Tarot certainly does seem to have a sense of humour. I’m not familiar with this deck but having seen it in action here I’m going to have to find out more about it! Enjoy your midsummer – I hope it brings you lots of restful activity!


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