Remote Readings


I conduct remote readings by Skype, phone, e-mail, and mp3 recordings. Please read the information below on these different media, and let me know which spread is most appropriate. E-mail me your full name, date of birth, your question and some background (a paragraph will suffice). Please e-mail me at electratarot dot com.



Your reading will be delivered within 5 working days. Payments are processed through PayPal for overseas querents or Australian bank accounts for local querents. The price remains identical whether the reading is on the phone, Skype, e-mail, or recorded.

Phone/ Skype readings

Phone/ Skype readings a great way to experience your reading first-hand even if you are not based in Melbourne. After an initial chat we will directly jump into the card-slinging. Readings provide plenty of opportunity for questions, feedback, custom spreads, extra cards, and free-form Tarot. I am free after 4pm week days and week ends, Melbourne time. Please check World Meeting Planner if you are overseas.

E-mail and recorded readings

E-mail readings are ideal for querents who like to re-read and delve into their readings over a longer period of time. E-mail readings also offer plenty of room for extra research on my part! Recorded readings are ideal for channeled and intuitive advice as I enter a meditative state when recording, akin to phone or face-to-face readings.

*** Emergency readings ***

As I am based in Australia I tend to be ahead of the time-zone curve, so this works very well for querents based in Europe or America who require an overnight reading. To request your emergency reading, e-mail me at readings /at/ electratarot /dot/ com with your question. I will then approve or postpone your request based on my availability and deliver the reading with 24 hours. This service incurs an extra cost of AUD 10.





The One and Only Spread is a short, one card response to your question. This spread is perfect if you need a quick burst of inspiration or reflection. The e-mail reading is about 400 words or 10 min recorded, and I will add links to relevant resources.

AUD 10




The Classic III Card Spread provides clear and concise advice on the issue at hand. The reading includes background information on the spread, cards, and artworks. If you need inspiration, a nudge in the right direction, or a novel outlook, the Classic III Card Spread is the one for you! The Spread is about 1,000 words in length or 15 min recorded.

AUD 25




The Hitting the Spot Spread is perfect if you need help or direction towards a goal. It delves into the challenge at hand, the obstacles you are facing, and the skills you can use to overcome the situation. The best part is the tip of the arrow: What can you do right now to improve the situation? The Spread uses 6 cards and is about 1,500 words in length or 25 min recorded.

AUD 50



The Vitruvian Man Spread is a great detailed spread, which looks at your distant past influences, recent past, and future. It is ideal to take stock of your life and predict likely outcomes. The spread has 10 Tarot cards plus 1 Oracle card for guidance from Spirit. The Spread is about 2,000 words in length or 35 min recorded.

AUD 60


I also specialise in Custom Spreads from 7 to 12 cards. I will look specifically in the issues raised in your e-mail to devise the perfect spread for you. Tarot is the perfect tool to be creative so a custom spread is a very exciting and memorable offering! Pricing starts at AUD 60 and varies with the number of cards drawn so please get in touch with me.