Policy & Ethics

Please read my Policy & Ethics carefully before ordering a reading.

I abide by the Code of Ethics of the Tarot Association of the British Isles.

You must be at least 18 years old to order a reading.

I will not read on third parties (i.e. someone who is not you).

I will not answer questions that require legal or medical advice.

Tarot readings are a conversation between a reader and a querent. Querents take all responsibilities for decisions made on the basis of a reading. Tarot is one of many tools that an individual can consult to make appropriate decisions for their own well-being.

Tarot readings are offered in good faith and are carefully prepared, so no refunds will be given under any circumstances. To make sure I am the right Reader for you, please check my About page and my FAQ page.

All conversations between a Reader and Querent remain confidential.