“Thank you for your time and energy invested in my reading! The reading was very helpful to me, really descriptive of my situation, because indeed it’s time for action! I loved  the Sun as a outcome, it is just about all I have applied at my search for love.” Graziele

“Thanks Lucie, I think you have it dead on.” Yuri

“Thank you for your beautiful reading, it certainly did echo with how I feel and where I am at present.  I do feel I have so much more to give and more to grow. Your reading has given me the incentive I needed to discuss my situation with my GP and put the steps in motion instead of just wondering. Thank you for your guidance.” Paula

“This is brilliant, Lucie! Thank you so much for your insight.” Bronwyn

“I appreciate both your time and effort put towards my Reading.  I was particularly drawn to the way you reference the Cards’ imagery where you pick up on fine details from colour, symbols, etc.  I also love the Tarot Deck you chose for my Question. I found your interpretation very profound and thought-provoking.  It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Many thanks for your sound guidance.  I think you are very talented and intuitive.” Claire

“I love your energy! So positive.” Martina

“Wow Lucie! Thank you so much for the reading, it makes sense to me though I still need to absorb and mull over the reading. I will admit i am a bit of a skeptic but you have surprised me. You have confirmed as few things for me such as lately I have been feeling as terrible as the past few years have been, it was meant to be so that I can get to this point.Thank you again Lucie.”  Dina

“I thank you for this great reading. I feel what you wrote, but I fear to get hurt. You are so right about me. Thanks!” Zoulaikha